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The Twilight factor

Why are the Twilight series of books so successful?

Why are the Twilight series of books so successful?

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series have taken the world by storm, selling over 30 million copies, as well as spawning blockbuster movies based on the books. Reviewers have suggested various reasons for the phenomenal success:

A fascination with the supernatural Sexy vampires Forbidden love Our . . . → Read More: The Twilight factor

The Time Traveller

Christmas Services

There are certain ‘triggers’ in life that have the ability to whisk us back in time and make past events seem unnervingly real to us.  These can be good or bad, pleasant or painful memories.  This is certainly true concerning Christmas which has that unique ability of being able to carry the ‘traveller’ back . . . → Read More: The Time Traveller

The Greatest Change of All

Gary Benfold

‘What’s a nice boy like you doing in a job like this?’ To be honest, nobody has ever asked me that question, but I’ve sometimes thought they should. People who knew me in my school days, in particular, may well be surprised at the idea of me being a preacher; I never had more than an average interest in religion. . . . → Read More: The Greatest Change of All