Children & Young People

MBC have a range of clubs and activities for children and young people. All of our clubs are very popular and action packed. Activities include games, craft, outings, treasure hunts, family nights, Bible stories and much more!

YEARS 7–11


We meet on Friday evenings from 8:30pm until 10:00pm at the church. Tide is a great way to make new friends and learn about God. Subs: £1.00 per week unless otherwise stated.



Whirlwind offers an active and varied programme including games, activities, cooking, craft and Bible teaching. A number of special Family Nights are included in the programme and these can vary from quiz nights to 10 pin bowling, treasure hunts to ski bobbing. Subs: £1.00 per week (includes tuck).



Embers is a fast moving club cramming as much as possible into the space of an hour. Games, quizzes, craft, cooking, singing, Bible stories and much more! Subs are 50 pence per week unless otherwise stated.